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Lumpkin County Board of Elections Meeting 08/17/21

Present:  Ben English & Dottie Krull (Chair) – Republican Seats; Peri Gorden & John Webb – Democratic Seats; Elections Manager – Rhonda Sheppard

Lumpkin County has a Gold Rush Parade Saturday, Oct. 16, which is an early voting day. The parade route at this point will delay people getting in to vote that day for several hours.  Rhonda Sheppard has spoken to the mayor and was hoping to resolve the problem by having the parade use a different route as was used for the Fourth of July.  The new bill by the legislature specifies the dates to be used as early voting days. The Board members felt this was an obstruction and not a delay and were concerned about interruption of the voting process.

A calendar of dates through November was approved.  The majority of the dates are mandated by the state.  Many need to be advertised in The Nugget, local newspaper.  Each announcement cost $243 which does push the budget.

SPOLST funds of $40,000 were used to purchase equipment for the office, a new ballot box, another ballot scanner.  $8,000 is remaining.

Poll worker training is being planned.  They have a potential 43 poll workers and  encouraged the board to attend one.  Training will be in small groups.

All machines are charged and maintenance provided.

A Confidentiality statement & Code of Conduct for Poll Workers, employees and Board Members is being prepared.   

I commended the group on their discussion about how poll workers, Board Members and office staff must remain non-partisan in their positions. This will be a part of the training offered.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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