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Lumpkin County Board of Elections Meeting 11/11/19

In attendance:
From BoE:
Ashley Peck (Elections Supervisor): present, presiding
Jim Lovell (R): present
John Webb (D): present
Dottie Krull (R): absent
Sallie Sorohan (D): absent
From the Public:
Judy Kreps, Dahlonega


  • Past BoE meeting minutes are posted on Lumpkin County Gov’t website:
  • Meeting agenda posted here:
    Key Issues Arising:
  • EO remains uninformed by SoS on:
    1) when new machines will arrive;
    2) which backup battery systems will be used; and
    3) when they will be able to complete their own training so they can then train poll workers
    Meeting summary key points:
  • EO reported no issues/incidents with the recent (City) election.
  • EO was unaware/did not discuss any problems encountered state-wide with new voting machines during the recent election.
  • The Elections Office (“EO”) has not been informed by SoS when EO will be able to complete their staff training on new machines.
  • EO has not been informed by SoS when new machines will arrive.
  • EO has not been informed by SoS which battery backup systems will be used for new machines, so cannon finalize layout plans for Early and EDay Voting, nor determine if current electrical outlets/breakers are sufficient or will require upgrading.
  • EO mentioned that the City of Dahlonega may be interested in conducting its own elections in the future, rather than having EO hold them.
  • Public comment: Member of public requested formally that BoE considers adding extra hours and at least one Saturday to all Early Voting.
  • End of Meeting.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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