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Chatham County Board of Elections Meeting 07/13/20

Board Members:

  • Chair Thomas Mahoney
  • Marianne Helms
  • Malinda Hodge 
  • Antwan Lang 
  • Debbie Rauers

Other Staff:

  • Supervisor: Russell Bridges
  • Head Trainer: Billy Wooten
  • Staff: Katie

Poll Worker Training/ Polling Changes/ Poll Logistics:

  • B.W: Poll worker training will take place the last week of July and the first week of August at the South West Library. We know that there will be a better result in August because there will be a lower turnout and a much smaller ballot, but we know that we’ve got to fix the issues prior to November.
  • Malinda: Is it possible to have the machines set up prior to when a poll manager walks in on election day?
  • B.W: Many of our polls have historically set up the Monday afternoon or evening before the election. On 6-8-20 because of download issues and pollpad issues many of the machines were not picked up until after 8pm. This resulted in some machines not being set up on time. This is a problem that we can fix and is within our control.
  • R.B: Before March we had 91 polling locations that were ready for the March election. When the Covid-19 pandemic started we lost all of our polling locations at senior residences, as we were getting closer to May we had more and more locations drop out. In late May we were down 22 polling sites, either they wouldn’t respond or they responded negatively. We ended up relocating 10 polling locations out of 92.
  • Katie: Currently we need 4 replacement locations for the August runoff. Our main area of focus is Pooler because we have lost several polls in Pooler. The ones we mainly need to replace right now are Skidaway Methodist Church, they will not move to Skidaway Baptist like last time. We need Oaks at Pooler, The Savannah Seventh Day Adventist Church and the Savannah Christian School to be replaced with alternative sites.
  • A.L: One of the biggest problems during the 6-9-20 election is that we did not have signs outside of our new polling locations. Did we send out notifications to the citizens that their polling place had changed from one location to another location if not why not? Have we put into place a plan to notify every voter who’s precinct has been changed to a different one well in advance and that there are going to be signs prominently displayed at every location that has been changed?
  • R.B: We did not send out postcards because voting locations were secured within 7 days of the election. We used press and media releases and put it on our Facebook and website. We were not able to get our sign vendor to prepare signs but we will send out postcards and do a better job with signs in front of our new voting locations, because we have a little bit more of a notice now.
  • Malinda: Do we expect to have the same outlet and electrical issues at our polling locations for the August runoff.
  • R.B: We are actively purchasing 400 extension cords and we are attempting to deploy additional battery packs.

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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