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Clayton County Board of Elections Meeting 7/14/20


  • The Board Approved the creation of several new Precincts and polling locations.
  • The Board appoints member Patricia Pullar to the vote review panel.
  • The board moves it’s August BOE Meeting to August 18th @ 4:30 pm.

Board Members:

Meeting Notes from Attendee:

  • The Meeting is Called to order 4:36 PM
  • Approval of the Agenda and Minutes
    • The Agenda is approved pending Amendment for a resolution for the Brunchville special Election
    • June 17th Special Called Meeting Minutes
    • June 17th Regular Meeting Minutes
    • The Minutes are Approved
  • Public Comments: 
    • Larry: On behalf of the democratic party, we appreciate the dedication of the board during these difficult times. That being said we urge the board to maximize the voting time on election day as well as the drop boxes available.
    • Darlene Johnson: The Board is not able to put drop boxes at each location at this time due to cost.
    • Patricia Pullar: Are these public comments added to minutes.
    • Brienna Garret:Yes it will be reflected. 
  • Old Business
    • Bylaws review
      • Charles Reed: No Comment at the time as I don’t know if the board has reviewed my suggestions yet.
      • Darlene Johnson: No we have not reviewed them yet. Also the board has asked about compensation for special called meetings. 
      • Charles Reed: For that you will have to speak to your commissioners. Boards that are compensated for special meetings are usually done so through State Ordinances.
  • Director’s Update: 
    • Shauna Dozier: As of July, 21,416 Voters Active and Inactive
    • July 13th was the deadline for the runoff 
    • Board and Staff were not notified of this until July 6th.
    • 12,000 Applications were Processed since then. 
    • The board was not able to retrieve a sample ballot so staff member Monique Taylor used her graphic design skill to make one for the county
    • The Elections warehouse will be relocated to our 1117 location
    • The Board of Elections Office and Forest Park Branch Library will be our Advance locations in the August Runoff.
    • Drop boxes may be counted early and we are looking to acquire more of them.
  • Vote Review Panel
    • The Board appoints Patricia Pullar to the panel
  • Precinct Boundary Changes
    • The staff is requesting approval from the board to split precincts to add extra polling locations.
    • Part of EW1 would be split to make EW2 with East Clayton Elementary School as the extra polling location
    • LJ3 split to create Eddie White Middle School as the extra polling location
    • Portions of JB01 & JB17 to create JB19 with Monday Mills High as the extra polling locations 
    • Oak3 split to create oak5 with MLK Elementary as the extra polling location
    • Mo5 split to create Mo10 with New Faith Ministries as the extra location
    • Mo3 split to create Mo11 with Aneok(unsure of spelling) East Baptist Church
    • FP5 polling Location moving to Living Faith Tabernacle
    • Changes are approved and there will be more before November
  • Next Meeting
    • The August BOE Meeting will take place August 18th @ 4:30PM
  • 64 Deceased removals from the rolls.
  • Meeting Adjourned

Did you know that the public can attend Board of Registration and Elections meetings? 

These meetings are open to the public by Georgia law. Georgia Open Meetings Act.

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