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Absentee Ballot Applications

Due to the threat of Coronavirus, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office will mail absentee ballot applications to registered voters. Constituents can return the applications, in the enclosed envelope, the Georgia SOS or forward it to their local voter registration offices via fax, in person, USPS and email. Check out the link below for more information on this unprecedented procedure:


Georgia law states the following:

“…an absentee ballot application shall not be rejected due to an apparent mismatch between the signature of the elector on the application and the signature of the elector on file with the board of registrars. In such cases, the board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk shall send the elector a provisional absentee ballot with the designation ‘Provisional Ballot’ on the outer oath envelope and information prepared by the Secretary of State as to the process to be followed to cure the signature discrepancy.”

“If the registrar or clerk is unable to determine the identity of the elector from information given on the application, the registrar or clerk should promptly write to request additional information.”

“In the case of an unregistered applicant who is eligible to register to vote, the clerk or the board shall immediately mail a blank registration card as provided by Code Section 21-2-223, and such applicant, if otherwise qualified, shall be deemed eligible to vote by absentee ballot in such primary or election, if the registration card, properly completed, is returned to the clerk or the board on or before the last day for registering to vote in such primary or election.”

“If the elector has failed to sign the oath, or if the signature does not appear to be valid, or if the elector has failed to furnish required information or information so furnished does not conform with that on file in the registrar’s or clerk’s office, or if the elector is otherwise found disqualified to vote, the registrar or clerk shall write across the face of the envelope ‘Rejected,’ giving the reason therefore. The board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk shall promptly notify the elector of such rejection, a copy of which notification shall be retained in the files of the board of registrars or absentee ballot clerk for at least two years.”

How are Georgia Counties Handling these Issues?

The Peanut Gallery called local voter registration offices to see what their curing processes were. Here are the results:  

County   Notification Process
Email USPS Phone
Paulding Y Y Y
Pickens Y Y Y
Polk Y Y Y
Randolph Y N N
Muskogee ? ? ?
Canton ? ? ?
Fayetteville ? ? ?
Gwinnett ? ? ?
Franklin Y Y Y
Jackson Y N Y
Elbert ? ? ?
Clarke ? ? ?
Walton N N Y
Newton Y N Y
County Notification Process  
Email USPS Phone  
Columbiaa Y N Y  
Hancock ? ? ?  
Jefferson Y Y Y  
Jenkins Y N Y  
Lincoln Y N Y  
McDuffie Y Y Y  
Screven ? ? ?  
Taliaferro N N Y  
Warren Y Y Y  
Wilkes ? ? ?  


Oconee Y N Y
Bibb Y N Y
Houston N N Y
Miller ? ? ?
Mitchell N N Y
Thomas ? ? ?
Dougherty N N Y
Richmond N N Y
Burke N N Y
Glascock Y N Y



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